Little Pink House

Would YOU stay in this little pink house? It’s known as the Little Pink House off Mississippi and it is located in Portland, Oregon. You can stay here for $145 CAD per night. For more information and photos, visit https://www.airbnb.ca/rooms/938257...

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Christmas Season

The LorenzTeam is ready for Christmas here at the office. We have quite a few things planned for the next week, including volunteer work and our team Christmas party. Are you ready for Christmas, or do you still have some planning to do? What kinds of things do you...

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Are you looking to purchase a home in Edmonton, Sherwood Park, Tofield or any of the surrounding areas? Don't know where to start? Give us a call and well help guide you on your first steps to home ownership! You don't have to be like Alan and get stuck. The...

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Edmonton Valley Zoo

Its that time again!! As a "Leading-edge real estate team" we strive to keep you informed. That's why every Friday we bring you a new fact about your community! Edmonton and its surrounding areas has lots of history to share to make sure you keep tuned! Fun Fact...

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Edmonton’s First Legal Subdivision

Around 1881, Edmonton's first legal subdivision was developed. It was located in the southern portion of the Hudson's Bay Co. Reserve and contained 2,137 lots! An auction was held and within 3-4 days of the 400 lots were sold. The sale price averaged out to be $32 per...

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Fun Fact Friday!

This "Skinny House" is located in Boston and is 9.25 wide! You can touch both walls all the same time! It is said that the home was constructed out of spite. The land was inherited by two brother. One of the brothers went off to war, only to return to find that his...

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