Thank you to everyone who entered to win our Coffee on us Contest last week! Congratulations to the winner, Ryan! His name was drawn from the names of people who answered the trivia question correctly.

Trivia Question: What is the Alberta landmark behind Jeff and where is it located?

See the answer below!


The Alberta landmark pictured above is the giant beaver sculpture, which is also known as the World’s Largest Beaver. It is located in the town of Beaverlodge.

For more information, visit http://www.beaverlodge.ca/main.aspx?CategoryCode=47615773-CD0B-4668-8B13-398E20D842A1&pageCode=7C5A004D-88B9-4EAD-9213-5EB9CB862FE4&subPageCode=4CF14276-096E-441A-81E5-F98C906A41C1


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