What is it? How do I help?

Stuff the Bus for Christmas Hampers December 27th at Tofield IGA/Sobeys

The Christmas Hamper Committee is made up of volunteers from the community in conjunction with the local food bank.

The Christmas Hamper Program is a hamper of food and toys for the children given before Christmas for those less fortunate. A family or individual must register through FCSS Tofield to qualify for this program.

Packaging up the hampers to be given to families.

How can I help? The impact of Covid has made it very difficult to add volunteers this year, and as such, the best way to give is by donating food or toys. Cash donations, which require a charitable receipt, can be done through the Food Bank.

A great way of giving food can be done by an event called “Stuff the Bus”. This event occurs on Saturday, November 27th @ 10am-6pm at the Tofield IGA. $15 and $10 food hampers can be purchased this day and Tofield IGA/Sobeys will match up to a certain amount. This is a great way the community gives back!

Another component of the Christmas Hamper Program that takes place until mid-December is the “Angel Tree”. A Christmas tree is put up in mid-November in the postal offices of Tofield and Ryley. When a kid’s gift is requested by FCSS an angel is put on the tree. The angel can be taken off the tree and brought back with a gift attached to it. Food and toys can also be dropped off until December 13th at Tofield Town Office on Main Street. 

I have had the privilege of working with some awesome people over the years and it is a little way of me being able to give back to the community that I love!

Written By Greg Litwin Real Estate Associate