Choosing a Real Estate Agent

Written By: Shannon Viens
Real Estate Associate

Fun fact, there are more real estate agents than there are houses for sale and they all want your business. Unfortunately, this can make the task of choosing one overwhelming and stressful. No two agents will have had the same education (beyond the basics), the same experience, or the soft/hard skills. Choosing an agent can take time, effort, and perseverance…much like the process of buying or selling your home.

So, how do you choose? Well, you could hunker down with your computer, log onto and start reading bio’s working your way through the alphabet until someone stands out. The accompanying high school yearbook-style photos may give you the occasional chuckle but keep the coffee close because this method is more likely to induce drowsiness. 

Hopefully, the following tips will ease the process and ensure you find the right fit.


  1. Start Your Search Early, even before you are ready to buy or sell. Give yourself time to research, interview, ask questions, and deliberate.
  2. Know what you need from an agent. Whether you are looking to buy/sell a house, a vacation property, a condo, or an acreage; there will be an agent that specializes….filter out all the rest.   


  1. Get Some Referrals. Speak to friends, family, and co-workers. Almost everyone knows a realtor.
  2. Go to open houses. There will always be an agent there, ready to talk with you. Within the first five minutes, you’ll probably have a good idea if they are someone you’d like to consider.
  3. Interview more than one. Gather some candidates for your shortlist and start with a phone call. From those choose your favorites and set a time to meet for coffee or have a video chat. By your second meeting,  a good agent should have a presentation ready for you that will give you information about themselves, their agency, their marketing strategy, and how they can help you achieve your goals. 
  4. Ask Questions. Your agent should either be able to answer them immediately or be able to follow up with you promptly.


Once you have interviewed all potential candidates take some time to reflect asking yourself questions like:

  • Which agent came best prepared with the best strategy? 
  • Who was the most organized and detail oriented?
  • Who was the most knowledgeable about the market in your chosen area?
  • With whom did you feel most comfortable?
  • Which agent seemed most inline with your values?

Keeping these points in mind should assist you with choosing an agent that you can trust to help you through your real estate journey.

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