Unlocking the Benefits of Open Houses: A Guide for Homebuyers

Maybe you are considering purchasing a new home at some point in the next few years, or perhaps you are already in the thick of showings and house-searching. Whatever the case may be, attending open houses is a good way to see some houses quickly, easily, and without significant pressure to buy. Read on to learn more about why you would want to attend open houses, as well as what you should be looking for while you do.

Casual Way to Start Looking at Homes

Attending open houses is one way to start looking at homes. Not only is it much less intimidating, overwhelming, and full of pressure, it can actually be enjoyable. At worst, you can have some fun dreaming up what your new home could look like, and at best you find your dream home at an open house!

Even if you don’t end up putting in an offer, you are certain to come out with a better idea of what kind of house you would be interested in, giving you some direction when you start looking seriously.

Find Design and Style Ideas

Attending open houses allows you to look at layout, design elements, and style ideas that you like (or dislike) and could incorporate into your own home (or, if you dislike the style, you know what to avoid when decorating).

For example, if you love the large windows in one house and the photo wall in another house, you could find ways to incorporate these into the house you do end up buying.

What to Look for at Open Houses

Are you planning to attend some open houses, but have no idea what you should be looking for? The following lists should help:

In terms of practicality, consider looking for:

Water damage
Wear and tear on the house
Rooms and sizes (Are there enough rooms and are they the right size?)
Layout (Will this work for you?)
Closet Space (Is there enough?)
Location/Neighborhood Culture
If you don’t already have a realtor, consider looking into the realtors running the open houses, as well as the house itself.

Pay specific attention to how these impact your view of the house, as well as what would work for your lifestyle.

On a more aesthetic note, you can also watch for:

Paint colors that you particularly like (or dislike)
Other design aspects you like (eg. accent walls, photos, specific furniture types, and cabinet styles)
Layouts that you are drawn to
Windows and natural lighting
Landscaping ideas
Flooring that you like

Think of looking at open houses for aesthetics like creating a mental Pinterest board, a compilation of what you like and dislike. You can come back to this later when you have bought a house and it is time to start decorating!

Buying a house can be an overwhelming process. Whether you are attending open houses to ease into looking at houses, or if you are looking for a house seriously, The LorenzTeam is here to help! Contact us or check out our website so we can start finding exactly what you are looking for your next home!