Written by David Asp, Real Estate Associate

You have reached the stage where you are now ready to view and purchase your new home.  Prior to viewing, your Real Estate Associate will have suggested you drive by the property, assess your first impressions as to whether the properties location and outward appearance i.e. Yard, Roof, Exterior Doors/Windows and fence, if possible, do they  meet your expectations.  If yes, advise your Real Estate Associate and have him/her book the viewing.  Your Real Estate Associate will discuss with you prior to any viewing the importance of no open ongoing discussions about the property as you are walking through.  Once the viewing is over and you are outside you can have good open honest feedback about your interest/non interest in the property.  

Arrive on time for the viewing, ensure you are prepared to make notes of specific things, positive or negative, you observed during the viewing.  Your first impression of the property as you drive up and enter the home is extremely important.

As you proceed through the home stay together and follow the natural flow of the home, usually through the foyer to the living/great room, dining room kitchen then the bedrooms, bathroom, lower levels, garage and yard.  Be consistent through your viewings and make notes as to your impressions of this home.  Does it  meet your interests/needs.  Ask yourself the following questions:

Can I see our family living in this home?

Is there sufficient area/space to meet our needs?

Is there sufficient cupboards/counter space/storage in the kitchen, 

What is the condition of the cupboards will they need replacing/refacing?

Would I need to consider new flooring, repainting or any major renovations?

What condition are the bathrooms in?

What is the age of the Furnace and Hot Water Tank?

Once you have completed your viewing and are outside now is the time to have an open and frank conversation with your Real Estate Associate advising your overall interests in the property.  If you are not interested, be upfront and say so.  Move onto the next viewing.  If you are interested, note accordingly and proceed to the next showing.  Feedback is extremely important, any and all feedback is good whether positive or negative.  This enables your Real Estate Associate to adjust your search criteria if necessary and also provide potential options.  Your Real Estate Associate will be asked to provide feedback on your viewing to the listing Real Estate Associate.

Once you have had an opportunity to review your notes and made a decision as to which property you would like to make an offer your Real Estate Associate will prepare the required paperwork with you.