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Preparing to Sell Your Condo

Preparing your condo to sell can be an intimidating task, but it’s an important step in the process of selling your home. A well-prepared condo can attract more potential buyers, sell faster, and ultimately command a higher price. Here are some tips for preparing your condo to sell: Declutter and

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Home Renovations

Home Renovations To Boost Your Home’s Value

Home renovations can be a great way to increase the value of your home, whether you’re planning to sell in the near future or simply want to improve your living space. Here are some home renovations that can boost your home’s value. Kitchen Remodel The kitchen is often considered the

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Market Update

As we reach the halfway point of summer, the market is showing more signs of change. The Edmonton Real Estate Board reported a decline in sales both month over month and year over year for the month of July. This was combined with a drop in prices for townhouses,  condos

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2 Economists with 5 Things to Watch

Todd Hirsh of ATB Economics and Frances Donald of Manulife Investment Management recently had a podcast where they came up with, what they think, are the top 5 economic stories to watch in 2022. These were the points as written in Todd Hirch’s blog: ‘The Owl’ from January 20th and

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2022 – What can we Expect in Real Estate?

2022 – What can we expect in Real Estate? Our Team recently participated in 2 Forecasting seminars with the intention of learning what the economists are predicting for next year. One seminar was focused on the Edmonton Real Estate market and the other was for the Calgary Market. In both

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The Lorenz Team is Growing!

  We are excited to introduce Owen Herklotz as the newest member of The Lorenz Team Realty Group. Owen is joining the team as a Real Estate Associate and will be working with both Buyer’s & Seller’s as they navigate the world of Residential and Rural Real Estate. Raised on

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What to look for when viewing a property

You have reached the stage where you are now ready to view and purchase your new home.  Prior to viewing, your Real Estate Associate will have suggested you drive by the property, assess your first impressions as to whether the properties location and outward appearance i.e. Yard, Roof, Exterior Doors/Windows

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Should I Sell Now or Should I wait?

Late Fall and early Winter often leads to the question…should I sell now or wait until Spring? Unfortunately, there’s rarely an easy answer but thinking about the following questions might help: 1- What is the main reason for moving? Is it time sensitive? 2- If I sell, am I also

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Choosing a Real Estate Agent

Fun fact, there are more real estate agents than there are houses for sale and they all want your business. Unfortunately, this can make the task of choosing one overwhelming and stressful. No two agents will have had the same education (beyond the basics), the same experience, or the soft/hard

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