Jeff Lorenz, Real Estate Associate

Late Fall and early Winter often leads to the question…should I sell now or wait until Spring? Unfortunately, there’s rarely an easy answer but thinking about the following questions might help:

1- What is the main reason for moving? Is it time sensitive?

2- If I sell, am I also looking to purchase? Is the market for buying good right now?

3- What do market trends look like between now and Spring?

4- What are interest rates doing?

Timing the market is always risky. The unpredictable nature of Real Estate makes it near impossible to buy or sell at a ‘perfect’ time and for this reason we suggest people make their decisions around what makes most sense for their family, their job and/or simply what is best for their peace of mind. If you have outgrown your property, or switched jobs or experienced a life event that means a move is necessary… Why wait? If you are looking to buy, often the buying market and selling market will offset one another making ‘timing’ the market even less significant.

One of the most important roles a REALTOR® has is to ask the right questions, and to establish a plan that makes most sense for you. We analyze the market closely, with an eye for the differences between single family homes, acreages and condominiums. It’s also important to recognize trends in different price points as well as different neighborhoods. While timing the market isn’t recommended, a good REALTOR® will be able to tell you which segments of the market are more favorable to buyers and which are favoring sellers. If you’re all about finding the best deal – this is how you can find opportunities without guessing at how the market may change.

If you are thinking of moving, don’t wait to have the important conversations. Give us a call and let’s figure out what will make the most sense for you and your family. Let our experience help make your next move as seamless and low-stress as possible.